A 64-bit version of ELT/5500 is available for HP's Intel Itanium 2-based Workstation zx6000.

Paragon Imaging, leading developers of image processing software, announced the development of a 64-bit version of their premier image exploitation software-ELT/5500. Paragon's latest version of ELT/5500 is available for HP's Intel Itanium 2-based Workstation zx6000.

Paragon's ELT Series software is the most widely used commercial image processing software among U.S. intelligence and related government analysts. ELT/5500 is the first image exploitation package in the industry to announce support for the Itanium 2 architecture.

Ideally suited for memory intensive applications such as image exploitation, the 64-bit architecture offers better performance, scalability and large memory addressability than current 32-bit platforms. ELT/5500's proven functionality combined with the HP Workstation zx6000 is expected to offer unparalleled performance to imagery analysts. ELT/5500 takes advantage of the processor's 64-bit memory addressing to perform advanced image exploitation functions faster and more efficiently than on the previous 32-bit platforms. According to John Connors, Vice President, Paragon Imaging, "World events have made the demand to obtain and disseminate satellite imagery a time critical task. Through the combined efforts of HP and Paragon Imaging, we are proud to offer this revolutionary solution that not only keeps up the demands of today's imagery analyst but also surpasses them."

"HP's collaboration with Paragon Imaging has helped to create the first image exploitation package available on our Itanium-2 based HP Workstation zx6000," said Jim Zafarana, vice-president of worldwide marketing for HP's workstation business group. "Our collaboration with Paragon Imaging gives customers the computing power, performance and technology advantages they need for their projects.

The 64-bit version of ELT/5500 is currently shipping. For detailed information about the 64-bit version of ELT/5500, please contact Paragon at: 781-937-9800. For information on the HP Workstation zx6000, please visit: www.hp.com/workstations/intel.