Surveying School!

I studied in (psd) professional studie diplome in land surveying and topographic formation for two years in Quebec and have the opportunity to work in legal surveying and civil engineering. --Maxime Roy-Bedard

We did a localization certificate of a St. Mark school near my school in november of 2002 with a Leica TC705 total station.

In the same location, a girl in my class takes detail with a Leica TC705 total station.

Near my school a classmate measures with a Sokkia B20 auto-level.

In december 2002 a girl in my class takes note for a localization certificate of prevert park in Quebec city with a Leica TC705.

A girl in my class closes a polygon in church roof for a localization certificate in 2002.

Me at the beginning of my formation, I work with a TL-20G manual theodolite.

During December of 2002, an exercise of level on a road and the small bridge of St. Charles rivers.

To finish the localization certificate I shovel 4 feet of snow... because my station is under snow.