Cyra Technologies Inc. Released A New Version of Cyclone CloudWorx v2.0

Cyra Technologies Inc. announced a new release of its breakthrough Cyclone CloudWorx v2.0 for AutoCAD. The new software version further reduces the cost of creating accurate as-built drawings directly within AutoCAD applications when using rich, large 3D laser scan files. Based on the overwhelmingly favorable response to the initial CloudWorx v1.0 release, Cyra is now offering two versions of CloudWorx v2.0 for AutoCAD: “Basic” and “Pro”.

Automatic Piping As-builts CloudWorx Pro v2.0 enables users to automatically create accurate piping drawings and models directly in AutoCAD from point clouds captured by CyraxÒ 3D laser scanners. The user can model and represent piping as centerlines for routing and tie-point analyses, or as cylindrical surface models for clash detection. Piping as-builts can be created either by picking a point on a point cloud to automatically “region grow” (i.e. include neighboring points) or by creating a fence around a group of points and instructing the software to automatically create pipe. Segments of modeled piping can also be automatically extended and connected to intersect and create a piping run.

Easier Point Cloud and “Slice” Management When creating as-builts from point clouds in AutoCAD, it is now much easier to work with individual point clouds and the cutplanes that users create when generating slices through point clouds. The ability to selectively load individual scans from different scanner positions, rather than to work with the full, complete set of registered scans, gives users control over the data set which is very helpful when extracting information and geometry from specific areas of a large scene for engineering, architecture, surveying and construction applications.

CloudWorx v2.0 also lets users create and view point cloud slices/sections and save/restore them as needed. Users can now toggle back and forth between saved sections and simply recall the optimal section(s) for their work. In CloudWorx v1.0, only the last displayed section was saved.

Finally, users can visualize 3D point clouds better in AutoCAD with CloudWorx v2.0’s brightness and color management controls. Previously, point clouds were sometimes difficult to visualize.

CloudWorx v2.0 “Pro” and “Basic”
The “Basic” module is intended for users who simply want to view point clouds and slices in AutoCAD, plot them, and/or generate basic 2D planimetric and elevation drawings using existing CAD drafting tools. Accurate coordinate and distance measurements are made by snapping to individual points within point clouds. The “Pro” module includes all functionality of the Basic module, plus automatic pipe modeling and the ability to fully manage point clouds and 2D slices. CloudWorx Pro v2.0 is the ideal product for users to generate deliverables, such as plant models/drawings, most efficiently using a combination of CloudWorx and AutoCAD functionality.