Mattracks Offers Rubber Track Conversion Systems

Mattracks offersrubber track conversion systemsto access challenging remote work sites. The molded rubber track is formulated to provide extended wear, smooth ride, trouble-free operation and performance even in extreme conditions. Mattracks offers rubber track conversion solutions for a variety of vehicles, tractors, trailers and implements with 15 models to select from. The Super Duty Model Mattracks has been tested and developed in conjunction with commercial uses for trucks up to 15,000 lbs gross vehicle weight and can be placed on trucks as large as the Ford F550. Mattracks can sustain 40 mph speeds on hard surfaces and require about 30 minutes to change. Mattracks also introduced the LiteFoot ATV rubber track conversion system. LiteFoot tracks bolt onto your ATV in place of the wheels, giving your ATV “tank like” mobility over most any terrain. LiteFoot earns its namesake by delivering an average 3/4 psi surface pressure providing incredible flotation over soft terrain like sand, snow and mud with minimal soil compression. This low ground pressure does not sacrifice traction with an average 1,320 square inches total surface contact. (Mattracks, Karlstad, Minn.)