Blue Marble Geographics, Gardiner, Maine, licensed its GeoCalc and GeoView software development kits to Lucent Technologies of Murray Hill, New Jersey.

Lucent chose Blue Marble software components to implement in an internal RF Planning Tool, allowing Lucent to optimize the geographical location of its wireless communication network antennae placement. This optimization gives Lucent the ability to maximize the overall performance of the Lucent cellular communication network.

GeoCalc is the GIS industry standard and contains well over 130 pre-defined ellipsoids, 630 datum transformations and over 30 projections. Using GeoCalc in development will result in direct cost savings for your company. The hours needed to try and invent, test and maintain your own coordinate conversion engine are astronomical, but compromising your project with a lesser tool can be just as expensive.

GeoView is an intelligent mapping component for Windows developers who need to quickly embed sophisticated map viewing with spatial overlays in their applications. GeoView allows for a direct display and translation of map layers, without data conversion, as well as providing a layer import interface and a dynamic overlay layer. Most standard vector and image layer formats are supported.

Deployment of Blue Marble development software is not restricted with a software license control; you can embed these tools into your application for "on-the-fly" processing, transparent to the user.

Source: Blue Marble