Available in two forms, PC CDU Lite and PC CDU MS.

PC CDU Version 2.1.12 has been officially released by Topcon Positioning Systems.

It is available in two forms; PC CDU Lite, available for free here: http://www.topcongps.com/software/utilities.html, and a full featured "for sale" version, PC CDU MS.

PC CDU MS is available for download to authorized owners of previously purchased versions of PC CDU MS. After obtaining a password by requesting one from pccdu@topcon.com, you may download the latest version here: http://www.topcongps.com/software/updates.html

To purchase a new license, please contact your local dealer. A listing of dealers in your area can be found here: http://topcongps.com/support/dealer_search.html

Changes and improvement in this version update include:

  1. File->Real-Time Logging feature is improved. More precise rotation of files has been implemented.
  2. The "Append" feature has been added in File->Real-Time Logging menu enabling a user to log data into an existing file.
  3. Minor bug has been fixed in File->Real-Time Logging menu related with the "Date&Time" files numbering mode.
  4. "Report" button is added to Help->About menu for simple and easy reporting of some receiver parameters.
  5. Multiple file download feature has been improved in File->File Manager menu.
  6. The "Append" feature has been improved for file downloading in File->File Manager menu.
  7. The new 7 options for recent product releases have been added to Tools->Receiver options menu.
  8. Some new antennas types have been added to the "Antenna Type" drop-down list in Configuration->Site menu.
  9. Expiration date of PC-CDU MS is prolonged to December 31, 2003.