PCI Geomatics is providing multiple licenses of PCI Geomatica and eCognition software to the Canadian Space Agency, Ducks Unlimited, Environment Canada and several other organizations participating in the development of a wetland inventory and classification system for Canada. These members, organized under the National Wetland Inventory umbrella, are cooperating to provide a wetland inventory that will eventually contribute to ecosystem monitoring throughout North America.

Definiens' eCognition and PCI Geomatics' Geomatica software for remote sensing, photogrammetry, spatial analysis, and cartography offer advanced solutions that support the collection, cataloguing, and detailed analysis of geospatial wetland data using remotely sensed imagery, GIS data, and other geospatial resources. The findings produced from the National Wetland Inventory initiative will serve research scientists and policy planners for decades.

"Our analysis and methodology processes are complex - we are dealing with diverse types of terrain, various ground conditions observed over different sites, numerous sources of data, a range of classification schemes, and this new software covers all that," said Yves Crevier, Market Analyst at the Canadian Space Agency. "The software [PCI Geomatics] is distributing provides innovative approaches that help us move forward in our quest to map wetlands from space," he added.

Other organizations contributing to this national research effort include the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and the Manitoba Remote Sensing Centre.

"Inventory classification of national wetlands is an essential and fundamental process for preserving these important ecological treasures," remarked Dr. Robert Moses, President and CEO of PCI Geomatics. "Ultimately, the responsibility of preservation falls upon all of us and we are pleased that our software will support this wonderful all-encompassing research initiative for such a vast area," he concluded. In addition to the software, key personnel involved have received formal training from PCI Geomatics.