Tadpole-Cartesia's GO! Sync for ArcPad software will be integraetd with Trimble's Mapping and GIS products.

Tadpole-Cartesia Inc. announced a business partner agreement with Trimble enabling it to integrate its GO! Sync for ArcPad software with Trimble's Mapping and GIS products, including the GeoExplorer series of GPS handheld receivers, the Trimble Recon handheld data collectors and GPS Pathfinder systems. The result is an automated GIS/GPS data management system for mobile workers using Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs and ESRI's ArcPad mobile GIS software within the ArcGIS environment in government, municipalities, utilities, telecommunications and other geocentric enterprises.

With Tadpole-Cartesia's system, field crews can use GIS and GPS for inspection, maintenance and similar field tasks. Once completed, fieldwork results are automatically updated by GO! Sync to ArcGIS when a Trimble device is docked. This process ensures accurate information can be shared throughout the ArcGIS environment. Previously, changes to either the GIS or field datasets were not handled quite as efficiently, resulting in out-of-date or lost information. GO! Sync for ArcPad simplifies the entire process by synchronizing ArcGIS with the field dataset when a device is connected without requiring user intervention.

Source: Tadpole-Cartesia Inc., April 12, 2004