GeoTango International Corp., the developer of patent-pending 3D modeling and extraction system, announced that SilverEye v2.0 received certification from Space Imaging for 3D feature extraction of both monoscopic and stereo IKONOS imagery, as well as the ability to use ground control points (GCPs) to improve positional accuracy and orthorectify IKONOS monoscopic imagery.

Space Imaging (SI) thoroughly tested SilverEye for 3D feature extraction capabilities using IKONOS images with rational polynomial coefficients. In this test, SilverEye was tested in comparion to other software packages that have been certified previously by SI. SilverEye is the only software tool in the geospatial industry that enables users to conduct 3D analysis and develop 3D site models with one single high-resolution satellite imagery. This certification signifies that the level of accuracy obtained from SilverEye 3D feature extraction tools are comparable to traditional stereo based 3D feature extraction tools certified by SI.

SilverEye v2.0 enables users to measure, model and analyze 3D features such as buildings, landmarks and properties using just a single image. Users can also import or export GIS content and other data easily. In addition, SilverEye brings new features to users, such as the ability to create a 3D "fly-by" of any area. Users can also create real-time, map-accurate images that are orthorectified with just a few mouse clicks. With SilverEye you don't have to be a photogrammetry expert to get the results you need and the accuracy you demand.

SilverEye also has a full range of functions for mapping, editing, annotating, attributing and outputting your features or GIS layers.

Source: GeoTango International, April 16, 2004