Launch of "NEXTMap USA" now underway.

IntermapTechnologies Corporation announced the launch of NEXTMap USA, a program to remap the entire continental United States. NEXTMap USA includes the creation of terrain elevation and imagery data accurate to 1- meter or better covering nearly 7.9 million km² (4.9m miles²) of the United States. The announcement was made at the ASPRS/MAPPS Terrain Data Conference being held in North Charleston, S.C.

"The NEXTMap USA launch builds on our successful NEXTMap Britain program where we have recently mapped England, Wales and Scotland," stated Brian Bullock, Intermap CEO and President. "We used NEXTMap Britain as a pilot project to understand the skills and processes required to tackle a project the size of NEXTMap USA. We now know that it is possible to re-map the entire continental USA in just a few years and achieve an absolute accuracy of 1-meter or better as we did in Britain. NEXTMap USA will indeed be "˜the mapping event of the decade'."

Intermap will use its proprietary Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar technology (IFSAR) as its primary data collection tool. NEXTMap USA data will include national coverage of the continental USA in the form of detailed elevation models referred to as Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models. An Orthorectified Radar Image (ORI) will also be produced from the data gathered. The elevation data will have a data point every 5 meters, each point having a 1-meter horizontal and vertical accuracy. The orthorectified image will have a 1.25-meter pixel size that is also spatially accurate to 1-meter. NEXTMap USA data will be available starting in the second quarter of 2004 and will be sold under license by Intermap.

"We have already collected blocks of data in California, Nevada and West Virginia and have plans for over 1,000,000 km² (621,000 mi²) of data collection in 2004 with increasing capacity over the next few years," continued Bullock. "The data will be made available to government agencies and private companies at a fraction of the cost to create the data, making it accessible to both large and small users. We will also make the data available to researchers free of charge as we have already seen the benefits of directed research from our NEXTMap Britain program."

NEXTMap USA is supported by a number of technical partners, providing an interactive editing system, data management, and access to the NEXTMap data through an online store. In addition, companion image data, which is so important in visualization applications, will be provided by AirPhotoUSA and Intermap STAR Plus products. The contribution of technology and data from these NEXTMap USA partners is critical to the successful launch of NEXTMap USA.

"From recent experience in Britain, it is clear to me that high-resolution and highly accurate terrain data empowers a host of applications," concluded Bullock. "I don't believe we have begun to see the significance and breadth of the applications that will appear as the result of this new terrain data and the associated creation of powerful visualization systems".

Intermap's mission is to facilitate better decision-making in government and industry by supplying high-quality, low cost digital elevation mapping products. Intermap provides Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Orthorectified Radar Images (ORIs) for customers who need accurate topographic data to produce consistent, cost-effective solutions to terrain mapping anywhere in the world. Intermap's products are used by a wide range of private and public sector GIS/mapping customers for a variety of applications, including national mapping, flood management, 3D visualization and topographic maps. Intermap's products are also used to add interactive intelligence to airborne and satellite images.

Intermap, Oct. 29, 2003