Underground utility mapping will be one of the features of the program for the 2003 Damage Prevention Conference and Exposition (DPC) to be held December 3-5 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL. Accurate maps of underground facility locations are still difficult to obtain in many parts of the nation, but you can find solutions at the 2003 DPC!

Historically, manual record keeping of locations of underground energy, water and communications systems has been inadequate, and consequences continue to surface as facility owners work to maintain and protect their systems. New technologies and systems are coming on-line to upgrade the map records of these vital underground delivery systems. These include computerized mapping systems, geospatial information databases, and use of global positioning satellites (GPS) to accumulate field data on existing utilities.

The 2003 DPC program includes sessions that address how a one call center mapped a state; global positioning systems for everyday use; using the internet as a tool to develop a GIS enhanced web ticket entry system; leveraging utility mapping to enhance project design and facilities safety; cost and efficiency on construction projects; as well as a review of the advances in mapping for damage prevention and the use of geospatial information in protecting and monitoring underground infrastructure vulnerabilities to terrorist action.

The DPC conference program consists of 70 industry experts speaking on the latest issues. In addition to utility mapping, the DPC will feature a variety of emerging issues affecting underground utilities including solutions to help excavators avoid underground lines, legal issues relating to underground damages, subsurface utility engineering, utility locating & marking, vacuum excavation capabilities & techniques, pipeline rehabilitation and a Common Ground Alliance track on Best Practices and other damage prevention issues.

The exhibit hall will feature a mapping and technology pavilion with vendors showcasing a wide array of products from GIS, GPS, AM, FM, One Call Ticket Management Systems and much, much more! A sampling of the 2003 Mapping & Technology Pavilion exhibitors include:

AGT International
AGT International is the leading provider of software for the damage prevention industry. The IRTH Software suite offers a complete solution for managing and creating dig request tickets. Additionally, AGT is proud to introduce the most advance and affordable solution for ticket management via the Internet, IRTHNet.

Celeritas Technologies
SpatialObjects™, "One-Call" cartridge is a web-based GIS ticket entry and management system specifically engineered for damage prevention and public safety. With SpatialObjects™, operators and property owners are equipped with an extremely powerful, visually intuitive, web-based GIS tool for generating a map to locate excavation sites, marking dig locations on the map and creating locate request web tickets.

Locate facilities from the internet, desktop or field using ESRI's ArcGIS family of products. ESRI - helping utilities protect assets and reduce operational costs. www.esri.com.

General Engineering Geophysics
General Engineering Geophysics, LLC (GEG) is a recognized leader in geophysical and subsurface utility engineering services. GEG uses 3-D Computer-Assisted Radar Tomography (CART) technology, GPR, radio-frequency electromagnetics, and vacuum excavation for clients nation wide.

JM Consulting
JM Consulting's focus is providing Ticket Management software/services to the One-Call industry. Complete Ticket System (CTS) is ticket management software that works with you and includes the latest GDT map base. JMC is focused on making sure that ticket management software works easily with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Jotto Desk
Jotto Desk offers the ultimate in tactically safe, ergonomic computer mounts and consoles. Computer mounts are available in "No Holes", console, and floor models and are designed to work by themselves or with Contour Console™ equipment consoles. Our Console Side Mount combines both for a total space-saving solution.

The KorTerra Work Force Management and Damage Prevention System is a comprehensive One Call ticket receiver and ticket management system. KorTerra unitizes the latest in mobile communications technology and mapping, allowing organizations to dispatch automatically routed tickets in real-time directly to the field. This completely paperless system drastically reduces time spent dispatching, which allows locators to spend more time locating and provides management with detailed reporting tools.

Mala GeoScience USA, Inc.
MALA GeoScience is a world leader in Ground Penetrating Radar technology for both surface and borehole applications. The Easy Locator is the solution where standard locators cannot provide the complete picture. The first user-friendly ground penetrating radar designed and priced for the utility locate professional.

Mobile Desk, Inc.
Specializes in the equipment to support business applications used in a mobile environment. Mobile Desk focuses on utility, service, military and medical applications to provide ergonomic and user-friendly solutions.

NMT Corporation
NMT Corporation is dedicated to providing software that allows fast and easy access of critical GIS, CAD, and RDBMS data, in the office and in the field. FAAR - Field Access to Automated Records is the premier platform-independent map viewing software for distributing and accessing a variety of graphic and non-graphic data sources and formats from a single, easy to use application.

OAS Group
OAS group offers: utility asset management services including Geospatial Information System(GIS) services, mapping, pipe network modeling, facilities management database, work management, inspections, and outage management. Field computing including wireless internet access to maps, as-builts and inspection information. Meter-read route analysis services to reduce the number of routes.

The Paradigm staff of GIS and Fulfillment professionals manages every facet of a successful Community Awareness direct mail campaign. We analyze your pipeline, identify Stakeholder Audiences, establish the mailing lists, design and print your message, and execute the mailing. Paradigm also offers post-project database management and analysis of business reply cards and other response vehicles. Call B 4 U Mail. Paradigm 1-888-508-4449

Pennsylvania One Call Systems, Inc.
Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. offers a leading-edge call center application, which revolutionizes work location notifications to members by seamlessly integrating mapping functionality from the caller to the member and back with productivity-enhancing tools for Customer Service Representatives and underground facility owners.

Schlumberger Streetlog
The Schlumberger StreetLOG service provides detailed underground utility maps using advanced three-dimensional ground-penetrating imaging radar (GPiR) equipment, experienced personnel, and more than 75 years of geophysical experience. Three-dimensional GPiR is a safe and efficient process to measure the vertical depth of utilities and to map over 30,000 sq-ft in a single day. With the StreetLOG service, you can simultaneously map sizeable surface areas, complex underground configurations, and a range of utility types (metallic and non-metallic, etc). StreetLOG images produce a permanent digital record of both the surface and subsurface site that can be easily integrated into CAD or GIS databases for future project planning and design. Schlumberger StreetLOG surveys add value to shallow underground projects by providing accurate depth and timely information that increases your productivity by helping you find your way through the underground maze.

Sensors & Software, Inc.
Sensors & Software, Inc. designs and manufactures ground penetrating radar (GPR) instrumentation. GPR is a high resolution, non-destructive technique used to delineate metallic and non-metallic buried utilities and construction hazards. Our Noggin® SmartCart™ is a user-friendly, fully integrated GPR system featuring real-time display and fast, accurate data acquisition for on-site analysis. Visit our website www.sensoft.ca for more details.

Subsurface Evaluation, Inc.
Subsurface Evaluations, Inc., is an independent geological consulting firm providing high-tech, specialty, geophysical surveys and hydrogeological evaluations, as a subcontractor, to leading geotechnical engineering companies, environmental consultants and government agencies. Our mission is to provide specialty-expertise in sinkhole development potential, ground-water flow through caves and springs, and detection of buried man-made environmental liabilities.

SVP Manufacturing, Inc.
Founded in 1987 SVP has become one of the most versatile manufacture of automotive organizers and vehicle desks in the world. SVP has developed an ever expanding array of work organizers to meet our customer's needs, space requirements and improve the safety of the vehicle.

Taylor Wiseman & Taylor
Taylor Wiseman & Taylor offers a comprehensive range of professional services to both the public and private sectors. For over a century, we have been working to provide our clients with the highest quality and most technologically advanced planning, engineering and surveying services. At Taylor Wiseman & Taylor we remain dedicated to upholding the standards of service and excellence for which we are known in the industry today in:Land Surveying, Transportation Engineering, Site Engineering and Planning, Landscape Architecture, Subsurface Utility Engineering.

The TelDig& Software Series covers all aspects of the buried utility locate request lifecycle with unique technology that optimizes time and money of the resources involved, from the One Call Center to the Locator's truck... the full cycle and back. A fully integrated call, ticket & field crew management system. With features like wireless data, Internet applications/access, automated billing, digital mapping in TelDig Mobile and a 24/7 customer support service, TelDig's technology is the best suited for you, come visit us at booth 413.

Over the last five years, the Damage Prevention Conference & Exposition has become the leading interactive forum to learn about and discuss current and emerging issues that impact the design, installation, maintenance, rehabilitation, and protection of buried cables and pipelines. Facility owners, municipalities, contractors, utility professionals and excavators turn out each year seeking the latest education and applications to ensure success.

The 2003 DPC event will be held December 3-5 at the Tampa Convention Center. For information on attending or exhibiting, visit www.damageprevention.com or call 800.827.8009. The Damage Prevention Conference and Exposition events are produced by Cygnus Expositions, a division of Cygnus Business Media. Sponsors include Equipment Today, Underground Focus, Heavy Equipment News, Construction Site News and Construction Distribution. We are pleased to have Sunshine State One-Call of Florida as our host for the event.