Laser-Scan offers Autodesk users the chance to test Radius Topology live online, for free.

Laser-Scan's new online demonstration shows how Radius Topology creates gold standard data in Autodesk applications. Visitors can see how Radius Topology dramatically improves the data capture and maintenance process whilst enhancing the data quality by eliminating gaps, slivers, overshoots and undershoots. With all of this occurring seamlessly on the server side, there is no need to change existing Autodesk applications.

The interactive demonstration of Radius Topology and Autodesk MapGuide is accessed on the Radius Topology website - visitors can request their free username and password at

Radius Topology is an advanced spatial processing environment, which extends the Oracle9i database and provides dramatic improvements to the speed and consistency of spatial data handling.

Laser-Scan's Radius Topology works behind the scenes, automatically adding topological intelligence to data; existing Oracle spatial software and GIS applications can continue unchanged. What's more, no specialist knowledge is necessary; Laser-Scan's Radius Topology brings the advantages of GIS to all users within the IT environment.

Autodesk MapGuide helps organizations develop, manage, maintain and deploy GIS and digital design data applications on the Internet, intranet, extranet or in the field. Autodesk MapGuide software's powerful, easy-to-implement client/server technology assembles spatial and attribute data from multiple sources and delivers it in real time where it is needed via the Web to thousands of simultaneous users inside or outside the customer's organization.

Radius Topology/Autodesk MapGuide interactive demonstration: sign up for your free username and password at