Buy Two, Get Third L1 GPS Receiver Free

Providing cost options that evolve with the needs of the GPS market, Sokkia now offers a two-receiver L1 integrated GPS system setup — Stratus — with post--processing software — Spectrum Survey Suite — for $6,990. This system setup includes a third free GPS L1 receiver free. This offer is available to Sokkia ’s only.

This package is available for a kinematic upgrade and includes an optional Windows CE handheld controller. Stratus is a fully integrated L1,12-channel GPS receiver, antenna and battery in one system. Stratus ideal for a variety of static and kinematic applications, including boundary surveys, control densification, as-built mapping and natural resource mapping. An Infrared (IR)communication link to the handheld controller provides cable-free operation, eliminating confusing cable connections and time-consuming setup procedures in the field.

Couple Stratus with Spectrum Survey — a GPS post--processing and adjustment software package — and you can prepare for the job, do the job and finish the job without the need for additional software. Spectrum Survey handles all aspects of managing and processing Stratus receiver data.Data processing,network adjustment,analy- sis tools and blunder detection to enable you to complete any job quickly and easily.