World's first audio note keeping system for mobile and desktop CAD collaboration.

GiveMePower Corporation, a provider of desktop, portable and wireless solutions for the design/build industry, announced their new VoiceNOTE audio note keeping collaboration technology available for April 2002. A free service pack update for the company's PowerCAD desktop and Windows CE 3.0 based mobile CAD solutions, VoiceNOTE allows instant recording and playback of highly compressed audio comments directly inside industry standard CAD drawing files.

VoiceNOTE uses a simple recording and playback system to save highly compressed audio comments directly in a design or drawing, along with a reference icon and optional text description. Typical size for a 20 second recording is under 30 kilobytes, ensuring minimal impact on drawing sizes, a major consideration especially for mobile CAD users.

"VoiceNOTE lets someone simply say 'Completed installation of high-speed internet connection at 100 Jones Street' rather than having to type it, a major time saver especially on pen-based handheld PC's which often have no built-in keyboard," comments Dave Wilkinson, Vice President of Information and Technology at GiveMePower. "Going a step further, project managers can now embed detailed audio instructions into work order drawings and digital blueprints for field staff to take with them in the morning or remotely retrieve at any time across a wireless network. "

VoiceNOTE is a free service pack enhancement for the company's PowerCAD mobile and desktop CAD lineup, including PowerCAD LT+, a full-function entry level CAD system the company is distributing free for up to one million registrants. Able to directly read and write billions of CAD drawings saved in industry standard DWG, DXF or FLX file formats, PowerCAD products offer price-performance leading 2 and 3D CAD processing with direct file and command compatibility with industry leader AutoCAD by Autodesk Inc.

For commercial, corporate and government enterprises, VoiceNOTE is available within the company's PowerENGINE Software Development System. A scalable, component-based development platform, PowerENGINE embedded applications can range from design engineering solutions for architecture, engineering, construction, GIS and manufacturing to business engineering solutions such as emergency/911 planning, sales automation and portable/wireless stock trading for brokers/analysts.