Latest version adds enhanced capabilities including international language and additional platform support.

LizardTech has announced availability of DjVu Enterprise version 3.5. DjVu Enterprise enables high-volume conversion of scanned or digital documents (color and bitonal) into DjVu format for easier distribution and archiving. Key enhancements for the DjVu Enterprise 3.5 release include an internationalized core, localization into multiple languages and additional operating system support. Updated features in Enterprise 3.5 will also ensure seamless integration for developers using the latest DjVu Software Development Kit (SDK), DjVu SDK 3.5, announced August of 2001.

Acquired from AT&T Labs, LizardTech’s DjVu enables superior capture and distribution of documents, ideal for organizations managing complex content. Customers in the manufacturing, publishing and professional services industries are leveraging the power of DjVu for more efficient document distribution. DjVu turns scanned or digital documents into network-ready image files that retain the sharpness of the originals, yet are often 1000 times smaller than the original TIFF files and just two percent of the size of corresponding PDF files. The DjVu family of products includes DjVu Solo, DjVu Workgroup, DjVu Enterprise and the DjVu Software Development Kit (SDK).

New features delivered with the DjVu Enterprise 3.5 include an internationalized core, which is UTF-8 compliant and supports any character set. In addition, DjVu Enterprise 3.5 provides Win 32 support for Expervision OCR modules in Japanese, German, French, Dutch, and International English. This version of the SDK also adds Sun Solaris version 7 and 8 platform support.