Tele Atlas maps to be offered online.

Tele Atlas, a worldwide leading provider of digital map databases and real-time traffic information in the United States, and MapMart, a leading mapping company and online map supplier, today announced that the two companies are working together to deliver to consumers--in real-time--maps based on raw geographic data.

MapMart's Web site ( contains terabytes of digital data including vector data, aerial imagery, satellite imagery, digital elevation models and more. Customers can order data by drawing a box around their area of interest on an online map. The data is then delivered electronically per the customer's unique delivery specifications.

The primary benefit of offering the geo-referenced content to customers via the Internet is that it allows them to select specific regions in a county as opposed to the entire county and produce a map immediately. Previously, customers would have to take the information in a pre-determined format, or wait several days for maps of their selected data and formats to be produced. By working together, Tele Atlas and MapMart are able to offer increased flexibility and functionality for online mapping.

"By partnering with Tele Atlas, our customers can quickly procure high-quality street data, custom delivered for their exact needs and requirements," said Michael Platt, president of IntraSearch, Inc./MapMart.

"Tele Atlas has been a great company to work with to make geographic data available for sale online."

"We are thrilled to be able to work with to offer its customers the benefits of Tele Atlas' highly accurate map data," said George Fink, COO of Tele Atlas. "The cooperation of our two companies is enabling end users to enjoy the benefits of online geographic content."