Incite Technologies ( has introduced an all new line of universal prism assemblies, prism poles, and prism pole bipods and tripods. With 0-30mm offsets, our prism assemblies are fully compatible with most leading instrument manufacturers. Both the 62mm and 25.4mm prism assemblies are constructed of anodized aluminum, stainless steel and brass. There are no plastic parts, which eliminates the problems of cracking and stress fractures. Protective O-rings around the all-metal canisters provide additional protection for the prism glass. Prisms are silver coated with a hard epoxy overcoat, which virtually eliminates the problems of moisture build up on the prisms’ reflective surfaces inside the canister. Our aluminum prism poles are graduated in feet or metric up to 4.7m (15 ft.). The all-metal locking systems are completely enclosed; the only external moving part is the locking lever itself. In the lock position the inner poles are completely secure and will not move. Sliding inner poles are also specially dampened to eliminate possible damage to prism assembly if lock is released accidentally. Our all-metal prism pole bipods and tripods have a unique locking system allowing the prism pole to be attached and removed quickly and easily. Push button release on extension legs also provide for fast and easy set up. All our prism assemblies, prism poles and prism pole bipods and tripods are designed by Incite Technologies, Inc., and manufactured in the United States.