Leica Geosystems has introduced the new AllegroCE/RCS wireless data collector system designed for use with robotic total stations.

“AllegroCE/RCS, when combined with Leica’s TPS1100 series with PowerSearch, provides the simplest, lightest, and cleanest robotic solution available,” said Andrew Hurley, director of after-sale service for Leica Geosystems.

AllegroCE/RCS, with integrated radio modem, antennae and power supply, eliminates the need for external batteries, cables and communication devices found on most robotic poles.

Weighing less than two pounds, including the replaceable camcorder battery, the AllegroCE/RCS features a user-accessible PC-Card slot, a bright, oversized touch-screen display and unique ergonomic design for comfort. It operates under Windows CE and features Carlson SurvCE Data Collection Software.

Hurley said, “The AllegroCE/RCS is Leica Geosystems’ second fully wireless controller for robotic surveying. Together with the RCS1100 Survey Controller, the new AllegroCE/RCS provides Leica robotic users with two wireless solutions for highest productivity and accuracy.” He also noted that, like the standard AllegroCE, the AllegroCE/RCS can be used with Leica GPS System 500 and conventional total stations.

The AllegroCE/RCS uses high-security spread-spectrum radio technology to ensure consistent and reliable operation without requiring a radio license. The internal radio antenna provides high performance while preventing problems related to antenna cables and connections.

Surveyors using the AllegroCE/RCS need only to attach the data collector to the prism pole using a simple bracket. There are no other cables or devices at the pole.

According to Hurley, the AllegroCE/RCS is available for immediate delivery through Leica’s extensive dealer network.