Partners facilitate the implementation of open geospatial solutions throughout the world.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions honored the recipients of the inaugural Team GeoMedia Registered Solutions Provider (RSP) Awards at GeoSpatial World 2003, New Orleans, La. The awards were established to recognize top RSP members who have exhibited an outstanding performance during the previous year in sales and service initiatives and solutions implementations. The RSP program is a partnership framework for independent businesses focused on the development, sales, marketing and support of geospatial industry solutions based on Intergraph's GeoMedia technology. Selection to the RSP program indicates that members have demonstrated solid technical competence and a commitment to GeoMedia as their core technology for development.

In addition to being recognized at GeoSpatial World 2003, each organization will have its logo featured on the Team GeoMedia Web site. Honored RSP members include:

  • Austria GISquadrat - As a leading GIS company in Austria, GISquadrat has used GeoMedia technology in important projects for many of its customers, including local mobile communications provider mobikom Austria, the Austrian Federal Forests Stock Company and the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying of Austria.
  • Germany ENSECO - ENSECO selected GeoMedia technology as the strategic software for implementing GIS services for municipal and utility companies. The company's project objectives combine heterogeneous databases. Different GIS formats, used by customers and administration, are integrated to build a common geodatabase that is easy to use.
  • Hungary graphIT - graphIT is a leading provider of GIS and CAD systems in Hungary. Using GeoMedia-based solutions, graphIT has succeeded in implementing Internet GIS applications in both the utilities and government sectors. One example is the META project being implemented for the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development. META is the final phase of a multipurpose electronic archive subsystem and land information management system.
  • Italy Insiel - The support provided by the RSP program has enabled Insiel to deploy vertical, IGIS applications based on GeoMedia technology to its customers inside and outside the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia.
  • Japan Asia Air Survey - Asia Air Survey actively seeks to broaden its capabilities through global partnerships with leading international technology leaders such as Intergraph. With GeoMedia technology, the company combines proven geospatial solutions with the highest quality of professional services.
  • Netherlands Fugro-Inpark - Through the support of the RSP program, Fugro-Inpark has implemented leading geospatial solutions and a solid infrastructure network based on GeoMedia at the city of Rotterdam.
  • Norway Norconsult Informasjonssystemer - As one of the most successful GIS companies in Norway, Norconsult decided several years ago to build its next generation of GIS tools based on GeoMedia technology. The project has proved a remarkable accomplishment, bringing this new technology to thousands of users in Norway.
  • Romania ICS Romania - ICS Romania, Ltd. is an IT services and solutions company that provides its customers the capability to integrate geographical data into daily information workflows. With the support of Intergraph and proven GeoMedia technology, the company is implementing geospatial solutions for government agencies and companies with large infrastructures. ICS Romania customers include National Agency for Mineral Resources, Mures County and Apaterm Oradea.
  • Spain SADIM - SADIM's successful implementation of the Territorial Information System of Asturias (SITPA) exploited GeoMedia technology, enabling regional governments to manage information more efficiently. Daily government operations were enhanced by including interactive maps and geo-referenced images.
  • SOCIEDADE PARA O DESENVOLVEMENTO COMARCAL DE GALICIA - The Territorial Information System of Galicia (SITGA) has taken shape under the strong support and innovative use of GeoMedia technology implemented by this organization.
  • Switzerland a/m/t software service - A leading technology and services company in the Swiss cadastre market, this organization uses GeoMedia technology as the basis of GeosPro. GeosPro, a complete data collection and management system, has been used to implement a number of cadastral projects in Europe.
  • United States eMapping Solutions - With the support of the RSP program, eMapping Solutions has implemented leading geospatial solutions across North America, including projects for the cities of Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.

"We are extremely pleased with the exemplary efforts and superior performance displayed by all RSP members and with the strong leadership exhibited by this year's award recipients," said Leos Svoboda, Team GeoMedia program manager, Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions. "The RSP program fulfills a valuable role by enabling members to develop and deliver premier geospatial solutions, as well as share their GIS expertise with customers worldwide."

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