GRW Aerial Surveys Inc. recently acquired an Optech ALTM 33 khz laser system.

GRW Aerial Surveys Inc., headquartered in Lexington, KY, has entered the LiDAR market. After considerable research, GRW recently completed the acquisition of an Optech ALTM 33 khz laser system. The powerful utilization of this LiDAR system, combined with our extensive mapping experience, allows us to offer clients a highly accurate, cost saving solution, with potential reduction in production time.

"With this new LiDAR system, GRW can now conduct mapping projects any time of the year, regardless of sun angle, in daylight or darkness," said Ben Fister, PE, PLS, Vice President of GRW.

"Depending on utilization of the data, many clients won't be limited to data acquisition in the spring and fall, during leaf-off periods. With our LiDAR equipment, we can schedule projects when it is most convenient to the client's needs and budget, instead of planning around the traditional flying season."

GRW's LiDAR system can acquire a wide array of data in a shorter period of time than conventional means, resulting in quicker DEM production. Our Optech laser system acquires digital elevation data with accuracies relatively equal to GPS, but at a rate thousands of times faster.

Jeff Padgett, CP, Vice President of GRW's Photogrammetry Division, is pleased with the results of the new system. "We're definitely satisfied with the performance of the Optech system. It's a tried-and-proven system, resulting in highly detailed end products, meeting or exceeding project standards."

LiDAR requires the use of many of the high-technology features already in use on GRW's aircraft. In particular, the Airborne GPS (ABGPS) and Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) are integral to the process of collecting usable data. LiDAR is extremely efficient for use in large areas and corridors. As long as you can see the sky through the trees from the ground, then LiDAR will be able to develop an accurate ground model.

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