Positive Systems Inc. (www.possys.com) recently launched version 3.0 of the DIME (Digital Images Made Easy) software. DIME is an alternative to traditional photogrammetric methods for imagery preparation and is currently in use in aerial photography and mapping shops worldwide. The latest version of DIME includes numerous feature enhancements that will provide superior results through the integration of new technology and will improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Improved efficiency has been realized during project set-up through the "drag & drop" feature known as Manual Flightline Definition. This intuitive feature allows the user to begin creating an image mosaic without the benefit of any positioning data.

Continuing with the approach of "leveraging existing geospatial data", DIME 3.0 can read and utilize vector and GCP data as additional sources of control or reference information. Combining multiple reference layers (raster & vector) with a new "local" warp has greatly enhanced accuracies, specifically in areas of high terrain relief.

The color balancing toolset has been further automated through the innovative CENT (Contrast Equalization & Normalization Tool). This "one touch" radiometric feature applies contrast adjustments on a project wide basis. Additional automation has been achieved through the integration of batch output functionality which provides the user the ability to schedule multiple outputs simultaneously.

DIME software has been commercially available since January 2001. Used internally at the Positive System's Image Processing Lab since 1999, DIME has successfully prepared imagery for a multitude of state and federal government agencies as well as commercial organizations. Version 3.0 is available free of charge to any organization that holds a valid site registration license. Demonstration versions of the DIME software and additional information can be accessed at http://www.possys.com/.