UCLID Software announced that a Parcel Mapping Productivity Calculator is available online at http://productivity.uclid.com. The calculator was designed to make it easy for mappers to see how much time they can save when using IcoMap. Sample documents and a spreadsheet are available to help in the comparison. IcoMap’s unique technology for converting scanned documents, paired with an excellent 10-key COGO package has been proven to increase parcel mapping productivity.

Joe Hanousek, VP Sales and Marketing explains the rationale behind the calculator. “Our users find that the time savings is incredible – some are working 10 times faster than before. This calculator is for those who are skeptical. It won’t take long for them to see how they compare – and how much money they can save with IcoMap.”

Several document types have been converted with IcoMap, including scanned parcel maps, scanned property legal descriptions and ASCII text property legal descriptions. The conversion times are available in a spreadsheet. To use the calculator, visit http://productivity.uclid.com download the sample files, convert them to maps and enter your time in the spreadsheet.