New version of SKI-PRO incorporates Leica’s breakthrough CheckMate continuous ambiguity resolution technology.

Leica Geosystems has announced the introduction of SKI-Pro Version 3.0 GPS post-processing software. This new version incorporates Leica’s breakthrough CheckMate continuous ambiguity resolution technology.

“The introduction of Version 3.0 represents the most significant advance in GPS post-processing software since the inception of our System 500 GPS surveying systems,” said Andrew Hurley, director of sales support. “SKI-Pro Version 3.0 sets new standards for GPS post-processing software in terms of reliability, productivity, flexibility and ease of use.”

The continuous ambiguity checking of CheckMate technology on board the System 500 is now duplicated in the SKI-Pro post-processing software. Immediately after having completed the ambiguity search routine and computing the most likely ambiguities with one set of GPS observations, the SKI-Pro software repeats the routine using a different set of GPS observations resulting in a second set of ambiguities, which are compared with the first set. If the two are identical, they are considered to be correct. In order to ensure the highest possible reliability, the ambiguity search routine is continually repeated for the entire observation interval. In this way, the highest possible reliability is achieved, not only for typical rapid static observations, but also for long baselines and for kinematic data.

Other major new features in SKI-Pro 3.0 include a new concept for reporting using HTML and XML technology to produce high-quality, visually attractive reports, a routine for creating and editing National Geodetic Survey B-files and a new GPS processing analysis tool.