TerraImaging b.v. (Amsterdam, Netherlands) announced that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with 3Sigma Ventures (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). The partnership will introduce TerraImaging’s lidar mapping and other advanced remote sensing services to the North American market and formalizes a relationship that has been in place between the two organizations since January of this year. The agreement extends this working relationship and includes a commitment for a permanent US-based operations center to be established in 2004.

“We are delighted at this opportunity to partner with 3Sigma.” said Mr. Jan Willem van der Vegt, TerraImaging’s CEO. “3Sigma’s commitment to lidar mapping technology as a standard operational tool, as well as its integration with advanced digital imagery and hyperspectral data, aligns extremely well with TerraImaging’s expertise and in-depth operational experience. Our partnership with 3Sigma will support their existing corporate clients and allow them to expand their operations while enhancing our own market opportunities and future growth. Our relationship with 3Sigma opens up new areas for ourselves and our international partners and we look forward to introducing new sensors, new capabilities and new tools to 3Sigma’s clients and to the North American market in general.”

Mr. Martin Flood, President of 3Sigma, commented; “We are very excited about introducing the TerraImaging brand to North America and look forward to building upon their 10 years of operational experience with lidar technology; they are one of the true veterans in the industry. Not only will this partnership allow 3Sigma to move forward with our plans for enhanced services for our current corporate clients, but the addition of TerraImaging’s depth of experience to our team will allow our clients to access world-class operational excellence as well as some of the latest state-of the-art remote sensing technology”. “In addition,” Mr. Flood continued, “TerraImaging’s development work with advanced data classification techniques based upon object-oriented analysis is of particular interest to many of our clients, who have already expressed great interest in the improved efficiency these new techniques can create. With new sensor designs coming online and new tools being developed, this is a dynamic and exciting time in the airborne remote sensing industry, especially the lidar sector. 3Sigma’s partnership with TerraImaging will enhance our ability to improve our clients’ bottom line and help them capture the significant operational efficiency gains and cost reductions these advanced geospatial technologies can create for them in their own unique markets."

Source: TerraImaging, Sept. 1, 2003