Wireless short-range communications makes jobs in the field easier and faster.

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) announced the addition of Bluetooth wireless technology to Survey Pro data collection software on the TDS Recon rugged handheld computer. Bluetooth wireless technology is an international standard for personal-area networks using low-power radio signals with a range of 30 feet. Using a Socket Communications CompactFlash card with Bluetooth, the Recon can communicate to Bluetooth-enabled total stations, GPS receivers and other devices without cables.

All Recons have the necessary hardware to support these Bluetooth capabilities. Recon users will need to update their Survey Pro software to verison 3.7.3 which includes Bluetooth support. Recons shipped before June may need updated firmware. Registered Recon and Survey Pro users can download the updates free of charge at the TDS Web site, www.tdsway.com. The Socket CompactFlash cards with Bluetooth are available from TDS, Socket Communications (www.socketcom.com) and many computer retailers.

"The surveying industry is increasing the availability of Bluetooth-enabled devices," said Bill Martin, TDS director of marketing. "Wireless connectivity saves time, gives surveyors more freedom of movement and eliminates the difficulties of cables at the job site."

Installed in one of the Recon's two CompactFlash slots, the Bluetooth card is protected from dust, dirt and water by a fully sealed CF-Cap. This rugged design makes the Recon with Bluetooth ideal for wireless communications in the field, connecting to a variety of survey and other peripherals, including:

  • Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers such as the Trimble 5800;
  • Bluetooth-enabled total stations such as the Topcon GTS-230 Series;
  • Bluetooth-enabled cell phones such as the Sony Ericsson T68.
  • Computers with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless ActiveSync data transfer; and
  • Networks through Bluetooth access points.

    Source: Tripod Data Systems