Research Systems Inc. Released ESRI ArcGIS 8.1 Plug-In

Research Systems Inc. (RSI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company, released a free downloadable plug-in to ESRI’s ArcGIS 8.1and greater. The plug-in allows the ArcGIS user to import ENVI raster (image) files directly into the ArcGIS environment. The ENVI Raster File Format consists of a flat binary file with an associated text header file containing the details needed to interpret the image data. Using this ArcGIS plug-in, users can generically read ENVI raster datasets in ArcGIS and identify, query, visualize, analyze and manage the data in a manner familiar to them through the ArcGIS environment. Any operation that can be performed on raster data in this environment is available for use on ENVI format data, with the exception of write operations. This module is read-only, and as such does not provide the ability to output ENVI raster format files from ArcGIS. (RSI, Boulder, Colo.)