The resellers are California CAD Solutions, GeoData Services, and GIS Workshop.

LizardTech Inc. announced three key U.S. resellers for its geospatial image solution, GeoExpress 4.0 with MrSID. They are: California CAD Solutions, GeoData Services, and GIS Workshop.

California CAD Solutions, Inc., Modesto, Calif., has strong expertise in training, implementation, and application development of GIS technology. GeoData Services, Missoula, Mo., offers multidisciplinary spatial data for federal, state and local government agencies, industry and private organizations and individuals and was an Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Business Partner of the Year. GIS Workshop, Lincoln, Neb., provides high-end application design-and-build expertise to enable users to utilize spatial analysis technology without having to be experts in spatial technologies.

LizardTech recently launched GeoExpress 4.0 with MrSID, the industry standard for creating, viewing and publishing geospatial imagery. GeoExpress 4.0 combines a robust toolset and an interactive preview window making the ability to manage, distribute and access massive geospatial imagery more accessible and affordable than ever before. Launching GeoExpress 4.0, LizardTech is extending its leadership in geospatial imaging and aerial photography software solutions and expanding its geographic reach by enabling authorized resellers to create additional value. The company is also recruiting resellers in Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Source: LizardTech, Feb. 9, 2004