Developed from the ground up, the Leica System 1200 enables the combined use of both terrestrial and satellite-based sensors with consistent operation and data management, and the possibility of graphic display directly in the field. Working together, it guarantees seamless data transfer between GPS and TPS instruments, and enables the instruments to be operated with uniform software, identical controls and a common database in addition to common hardware features such as power supply.

It consists of three newly developed and fully coordinated basic modules: the Leica GPS1200 family of receivers; the total stations in the Leica TPS1200 series; and the common Leica System 1200 database and software, including the Leica Geo Office package.

In addition to the benefits of the unique GPS/TPS compatibility and identical operation, the system also features new generations of sensors: SmartTrack and SmartCheck technologies for GPS and terrestrial sensors for TPS. A standard range of power supplies and accessories suitable for all GPS and TPS stations reduces costs and simplifies logistics and joint deployment planning. Data exchange between the stations is carried out with ease using small Compact Flash cards.

With its consistently uniform design and its performance characteristics, this universal Leica System 1200 also offers functionalities of common data management, identical power supply and extremely high application flexibility. In years to come, further developments at Leica Geosystems in the field of surveying will also be compatible with this new platform.

Source: Leica Geosystems, Feb. 16, 2004