PCI Geomatics and Definiens Imaging announced that instruction for eCognition, the object-oriented image classification software from Definiens Imaging, is now available from certified PCI Geomatics training professionals. This official recognition allows PCI Geomatics to provide user training for eCognition software alongside PCI's other courses for their earth observation-based geomatics solutions, including Geomatica 9 and OrthoEngine.

Certified eCognition courses presented by PCI Geomatics help clients discover the eCognition work environment, its principal features and its basic procedures. PCI Geomatics and Definiens Imaging are also committed to assisting eCognition users who may have completed introductory training by offering opportunities to develop and share new project approaches. Advanced and customized training developed by PCI Geomatics will provide eCognition users with in-depth instruction on new procedures and productivity methods, often using client-supplied data and project examples. Courses will be offered at one of PCI Geomatics' training facilities, though customized training at alternative locations can be arranged through PCI Geomatics.

Definiens Imaging has provided solutions for the geomatics and earth observation market for over five years. A strategic software and services supplier to customers in the business, government and education sectors, Definiens Imaging's eCognition software offers a unique approach to image classification. Known simply as "Object Oriented Image Analysis," eCognition makes image classification more intelligent, more accurate, and more efficient.

PCI Geomatics provides training for all of its software products, including OrthoEngine photogrammetry software and Geomatica, the company's all-in-one geomatics solution. Geomatica 9 Version 9.1, a complete geospatial software solution for remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, and map production, began shipping to customers in January 2004 and is functionally interoperable with eCognition software.

Source: PCI Geomatics, Feb. 17, 2004