Original MicroStation-based imaging product available for MicroStation V8.

Z/I Imaging Corporation, an Intergraph wholly-owned subsidiary, announced the release of I/RAS C Version 8.4 featuring compatibility with Bentley Systems' MicroStation Version 8 CAD platform. I/RAS C provides high performance imaging capabilities for the vector-based MicroStation product geared specifically for mapping, GIS and photogrammetry users. This new version of I/RAS C preserves compatibility with older versions of MicroStation, including SE and J, which is important to those customers using a mix of versions across their corporate enterprise.

I/RAS C is the keystone product of a three-level imaging product family consisting of Image Viewer, I/RAS C and Image Analyst. All three products are based on a common core for compatibility of image and ancillary file formats and common user interfaces for easy transition from one product to another. The three products provide various levels of functionality at different prices, allowing users to configure their enterprise as needed.

  • Image Viewer provides low-cost, high performance image display, basic manipulation and print/plot capabilities.
  • I/RAS C provides the same high performance image display and basic manipulation as Image Viewer, plus many image enhancement and processing functions such as warping; mosaicking; world coordinate system definitions and readouts; map grid generation and more.
  • Image Analyst provides all the functionality of Image Viewer and I/RAS C plus advanced image processing and analysis functions such as map projection transformations, spatial and spectral processing, multispectral classification and more.

As native MDL applications, Image Viewer, I/RAS C and Image Analyst integrate seamlessly with MicroStation and a host of third-party applications. All three products provide a floating licensing capability for additional value and flexibility at no extra cost.

I/RAS C is sold and supported by Z/I Imaging Corporation and Intergraph Corporation in the United States, as well as a network of corporate offices and resellers worldwide.