Royalty-free data for the entire USA in Shapefile format.

Avenza Systems Inc. announces that, effective immediately, the price of MAPdataUSA 2K Server Edition will be reduced to $1,500 (US). MAPdataUSA 2K Server Edition is a complete set of US Census 2000 TIGER/Line data enhanced and converted to Shape file format. The Server license provides royalty free, unlimited use of the data.

Highlights of MAPdataUSA 2K Server Edition:

  • Complete US Census 2000 data
  • Royalty free, unlimited use
  • All data in Shapefile format
  • Organized by state and county using proper names for easy access
  • Road and water lines have been joined to provide more continuous coverage
  • Up to 43 layers for each county
  • Road name columns have been concatenated for easier labeling
  • Includes ZIP codes tabulation areas
  • Available for Mac and Windows Operating Systems

For complete product details and a free sample download visit