The companies hope to deliver comprehensive land information systems solutions to governmental agencies.

NovaLIS Technologies and CESI formed a strategic partnership to deliver comprehensive land information systems solutions to governmental agencies.

"We can now offer a larger variety of customized solutions to governmental clients that cover all aspects of the NovaLIS product suite," says Frank (Alex) Rankin, III, PE, PLS, President CESI.

Working together, the two firms provide a complete solution to their client base. This includes GIS software, standard and custom valuation solutions, data conversion, systems integration services, project management, and a wide range of management consulting services such as assessment best practices.

NovaLIS Technologies is the premier provider of land records software, including the powerful and flexible Assessment Office software. Assessment Office combines the proven capabilities of CAMA, assessment administration systems, geographic systems (GIS), document imaging, and workflow management technology into a complete business solution for the management of assessment data.

NovaLIS forms partnerships with consultants like CESI in order to provide various governmental clients with a local assistance on NovaLIS products. As a business partner of NovaLIS, CESI is certified by NovaLIS to serve as a local representative of NovaLIS products, and to offer on-site demonstrations of Parcel Editor, Land Development Office, Assessment Office, Local Government Office, and Land Titles Office. All these products use GIS, workflow management, and document imaging, and are designed to automate land records management and to improve access to info relating to land tenure, cadastral mapping, property valuation, and land use planning.