WMS Viewer shows benefits of open data sharing on the Web using current OGC Web Map Server interface standards.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions is setting the pace for open data exchange with a "no boundaries" approach to data sharing on the Web. Accessible today, the new Intergraph OGC WMS Viewer (www.wmsviewer.com) demonstrates an entirely new level of interoperability with Web sites around the world that are using the Web Map Server (WMS) interface standards defined by the Open GIS Consortium (OGC).

Communicating geographically on the Web Intergraph's OGC WMS Viewer acts as a thin client, simplifying the communication process when a user is accessing OGC-compliant WMS servers. The WMS Viewer screen is divided into a map section, a layer contents section, a title section and a pop-up interface section. Using the intuitive interface, visitors can access pull-down menus to connect to and display data from one or more servers, including WMS sites built with GeoMedia WebMap.

Producing a map is easy. Visitors can select layers they want to view and the format for map output. They can also overlay maps containing disparate data from one or more sites and get an attribute report about all the map features. Using the legend, WMS servers or layers can easily be turned on or off. Additionally, the interface provides easy-to-use tools for changing the extent and scale of the map window with various zoom, recenter, and pan commands for quick viewing of an area of interest.

At the GITA 2002 conference this week, attendees can see Intergraph's WMS Viewer (booth 1018) in action as part of the OGC's interoperability demonstration. Attendees can also see first-hand how GeoMedia can be used as a desktop, thick client of both the OGC Web Map Server and Web Feature Server specifications. Both of these capabilities show the open architecture and interoperability of GeoMedia technology.

A founding and principal member of the OGC, Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions is a key contributor to several OGC initiatives, an active participant on the OGC board of directors and various committees, and is at the forefront of interoperability issues in the GIS and IT marketplace.