A sneak peak at some of the products you’ll see from numerous industry vendors.

GEOPAK Survey.

Bentley Systems, Inc.

Booth #1407
GEOPAK Survey 2001
Released in the fall of 2001
This software closely follows the way surveyors work. It utilizes field data to product finished drawings within MicroStation and works in concert with GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite for transportation design and GEOPAK Site for site development. You can perform a range of tasks: reduce complicated network control traverse, process topo data, perform COGO calculations, map check closures and geodetic conversions—even create legal descriptions. A new Subdivide Application for subdividing parcels includes sleek editing and analysis tools.

Bentley's InRoads
Bentley V8 Generation of InRoads

Bentley Systems released version 8.3 of the InRoads family of products, now available with MicroStation V8. The new version offers civil engineers unlimited levels and support of AutoCAD. Users also can save geometry and surface data in XML format and perform XML reporting for better data sharing with field engineers and surveyors.

The InRoads suite of products include: InRoads – Road design; InRoads Survey – Survey data reduction; InRoads Site – Site design; InRoads Storm & Sanitary – Storm and sanitary design and modeling; InRoads Bridge – Bridge modeling; and InRail – Rail design.

Leica's CheckMate for the System 500 series.

Leica Geosystems

Booth #602
CheckMate Offers RTK Integrity Monitoring

Leica’s CheckMate for the System 500 series GPS surveying receivers provides automatic, continuous real-time kinematic (RTK) integrity monitoring for 99.9 percent reliability in centimeter-level accuracy GPS surveying. With CheckMate, the System 500 continually calculates two separate sets of RTK ambiguities. When it detects a disagreement between the two ambiguity sets, it sounds an audible alarm, displays a visual message and automatically reverts to precise differential code positioning while it restarts the ambiguity search routine from the beginning.

Leica Geosystems' GIS DataPRO Version 2.0.
New Office Software for GIS

Leica’s Version 2.0 of GIS DataPRO offers new features to support point and line offsets including post-processing and manual editing, unlimited reporting of field jobs in a project, interpolation of RINEX data on standard imports, display of properties for each node of line and area measurements, default project names and easy one-step undo functions. Version 2.0 also provides for easier export of 3D data to foreign formats and ASCII, enhanced coordinate systems management, automatic reference file search, automatic downloads of reference data and improved map settings.

TPS700 Performance Series Total Stations

Leica introduced the TC700auto total station and TCR700auto reflectorless total station with ATR capability. ATR technology eliminates manual aiming, providing quicker target acquisition and more consistent precision in all situations. It also helps increase productivity by reducing the time for each measurement to just seconds. The user can program the unit for repeated measurements of the same target, and it can find targets anytime, even at night. The TCR700 auto model also features reflectorless laser distance measurement, making it possible to measure hard to reach targets.

MicroSurvey Software, Inc.

Booth #312

MicroSurvey CAD2002 is AutoCAD2002 compatible and now features new Active Drawing Technology. A complete Survey & Design desktop solution engineered around stand-alone CAD and integrated COGO, DTM and design. Seamless data collector integration with the MicroSurvey FieldGenius has also been added and offers exceptional time savings, versatility and simplicity.


MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius is a data collector designed to create and work with the drawing as you survey. Simply tap to take shots, work with lines and display coordinates or tap a line to get the bearing and distance. FieldGenius offers large time savings by eliminating complex download and upload procedures through its auto-synchronizing drawing transfer capabilities.


MicroSurvey inCAD transforms AutoCAD into a specialized survey and design tool and now features new Active Drawing Technology. inCAD leverages existing AutoCAD investments by combining CAD, COGO, DTM, design, least squares, road design and site design.


MicroSurvey EXPRESS is an essential SurveyTool for those that don’t require CAD and DTM functions. It offers robust COGO calculations and now features new Active Drawing Technology, dynamic placement of buildings plus versatile staking routines, traverse balancing and adjustments, including 3D least squares.

Topcon HiPer GPS system.

Topcon Positioning Systems

Booth #412
Integrated Receiver/Antenna Simplifies GPS Surveying

Topcon’s HiPer is a fully integrated, high performance GPS system that speeds surveying by simplifying set up and operation. It combines antenna, receiver and rechargeable batteries in a compact package, eliminating the need for cables and backpacks. In addition to its easy all-on-the-pole setup, HiPer features under-canopy tracking with multipath reduction, co-op tracking and GPS dual-frequency option.

Topcon's Odyssey-E GPS + receiver/data collector.
Fully Integrated GPS+ Receiver and Data Collector

Topcon’s Odyssey-E GPS+ receiver/data collector provides an easy, powerful RTK solution by combining the world’s most accurate GPS+ receiving technology with a Windows CE-based controller. The unit also contains its own power source, the ability to simultaneously house two separate radio boards, and provides USB and Ethernet connectivity. Plus, it is compatible with existing upgrade options, i.e. dual-frequency GPS plus GLONASS.

Topcon's RC-2 FastTrak System with GTS800AR.
New Option Speeds One-Man Robotic Surveying

Topcon’s RC-2 FastTrak System features wireless, one-touch operation for instantly locking on to the tracking beam of the GTS-800AR robotic total stations. Such capability makes this combination an ideal one-man, robotic field surveying system that increases jobsite productivity because users no longer have to manually re-find the beam when “lock” is lost due to traffic, obstructions and bystanders.

SOKKIA's E-Z Station.

SOKKIA Corporation

Booth #212
E-Z Station

Sokkia introduces a new line of construction theodolites named E-Z Station. The E-Z Station is a digital theodolite with a coaxial visible-beam laser rangefinder built in. E-Z Station has a range of 30 meters to a non-reflective surface and 250 meters to reflective target sheets. E-Z Station comes in two models: with and without compensation. E-Z Station is the first in a new line of easy-to-use products for the construction industry.

SOKKIA's G2 Graphic Field Assistant.
G2 Graphic Field Assistant

The G2 Graphic Field Assistant is a totally new data collection system, built from the ground up to take advantage of the Windows CE operating system. G2 allows the surveyor to work in text or map graphical views, with keyboard or touch screen, on most CE-based hardware platforms. G2 is available in different versions, including robotic, GPS and roading modules.

Carlson Software's SurvCE.

Carlson Software

Booth #100 &102

With Carlson SurvCE, you have all the tools for field data collection with the added power of a full graphics mode. Carlson SurvCE supports all major manufacturers’ conventional and robotic total stations and RTK GPS. Carlson SurvCE works on many different Windows CE computers.


With SurvCADD XML, you can start to work with files in the new LandXML format. All new features are provided in all modules: COGO/Design, DTM/Contour, Sections/Profiles, Hydrology, GIS, Mining and Advanced Mining.

CG Survey for AutoCAD 2000i/2002

Includes enhanced features for contouring, earthwork, raw data editing and data transfer. Also, new drawing layer management and polyline utilities.

Intergraph Corporation

Booth #s 820, 822, 723, 721
IntelliWhere OnDemand

IntelliWhere OnDemand is a low-cost, off-the-shelf software product for personal digital assistants (PDAs). It allows field workers, such as appraisers, property inspectors, and surveyors, to use a PDA to view and update intelligent maps, asset information, and diagrams from the corporate geographic information system (GIS). When connected to the GIS, the user can acquire and interact with live information in near real time and perform live information transactions. In disconnected mode, the user can work with data and maps already downloaded and synchronize changes later—wirelessly or by PC connection.

GeoMedia Parcel Manager

GeoMedia Parcel Manager delivers configurable and customizable functionality for parcel and boundary maintenance. Commands and workflows specifically tailored for cadastral and property mapping organizations and service providers enable you to efficiently collect and maintain parcel boundary and related land information in a nonproprietary database environment. GeoMedia Parcel Manager also provides proportioning geometry, coordinate geometry, data integration, parcel numbering and labeling, property merge and split, plat/map book generation, survey data integration and parcel fabric adjustment capabilities.

GeoMedia Transaction Manager

GeoMedia Transaction Manager introduces the functionality for long term transaction management, versioning, and temporal data management for the GeoMedia Professional and Oracle9i environments. Organizations such as cadastral agencies, nautical and aeronautical charting agencies, and mapping and cartographic departments, can manage the lifecycle of data changes while they safeguard the integrity and validity of valuable enterprise geospatial information. Leveraging the capabilities of GeoMedia technology and Oracle’s Workspace Manager (OWM), GeoMedia Transaction Manager provides an open, flexible environment for workflow and command customization.

Digital Cartographic Studio

Intergraph’s Digital Cartographic Studio (DCS) offers map production organizations the tools to design aesthetic, clear, and concise maps. The latest version of DCS provides the producers of series-map output with powerful functionality such as automatic rules-based symbolization, overprint detection, and conflict resolution for eliminating repeated cycles of map feature editing, rasterization and color proofing. These same repeated tasks are eliminated with the vector WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing environment, assuring increased efficiency.

TDS' SurveyPro for Pocket PC.

Tripod Data Systems

Booth #421
Survey Pro for Pocket PC

Survey Pro for Pocket PC gives surveyors a Pocket PC version of TDS’ time-tested surveying software. Although built with economy in mind, Survey Pro for Pocket PC has no shortage of features. It includes most of the features available in Survey Pro CE: COGO, roads, traverse and sideshot routines, coordinate translation and rotation, plus offset staking, slope staking and DTM staking routines. Specialized features like key-mapping and a Quick Pick menu let you take full advantage of the Pocket PC platform.

COGO for Pocket PC Whether you’re staking out a ditch or laying out a subdivision, TDS COGO for Pocket PC provides a feature-rich computational package that helps you get the job done. It includes features like COGO; traverse, sideshot and other survey routines; coordinate translation and rotation; and point staking. Learning how to use it is easy. Since it is laid out like other TDS Survey software, if you upgrade later to Survey Pro, you’ll be ahead of the learning curve.

Trimble's TSCe Controller


Booth #400
TSCe Controller

Trimble recently introduced the TSCe Controller, the latest addition to the Trimble Toolbox of Integrated Surveying solutions. The TSCe is a powerful hand-held data collector that uses sight, sound and touch to allow surveyors to conduct multiple tasks quickly and accurately.

Trimble's 3300 Total Station.
3300 Total StationTrimble recently introduced its new 3300 Total Station with DR (Direct Reflex) technology for improved productivity in surveying and engineering applications. The new 3300 DR is a high-performance option that is ideal as a stand-alone measuring and stakeout instrument for data capture and field computations.