MENSI, the pioneering developer and supplier of a complete range of 3D laser scanners and 3D point-cloud processing and modeling software, was present at the Geoinformation & Geodesy Congress in Frankfurt.

For the third consecutive year, MENSI was exhibiting at the Intergeo trade fair. 2001 was a great year with the announcement of the final phase of the development of the state-of-the-art scanner GS100 (released 3 months later), with the presentation of its working prototype. The 2002 edition has been even more attractive for the visitors with the release of the RealWorks Survey software package, the new tool for point cloud analysis in 2D or 3D, and the announcement of PocketScan, the handheld controller for GS100, available for PocketPC. These two new products drew a lot of attention from the surveyors as these new tools have been designed upon their requests and to be part of their usual workflow. One of the main questions about laser scanners has always been the ability to process a large amount of 3D coordinates (point clouds in the case of laser scanners, as the amount of coordinates is usually of several millions!). Now, with RealWorks Survey, the surveyor can not only take any measurement on the 3D point clouds on his desk (introducing the concept of OfficeSurvey), but also produce any kind of 2D deliverables he is looking for in just a few clicks. The other remark that surveyors had on 3D scanners was the ability to acquire results rapidly and easily on site, without having to carry extra IT equipment such as laptop computers (which are not designed to operate under all weather conditions and have a battery life of only 2 or 3 hours!). PocketScan has been designed to answer this specific need, among others, taking control of the GS100 3D scanner, with a simple handheld PocketPC. This was a big hit on the MENSI booth, having some visitors say "I can see that MENSI 3D scanners have been designed to make us real surveyors, not virtual ones". The 2002 Intergeo Congress was a real success, with over 420 exhibitors at this year's event, and about 16,000 professionals were present. Amongst competent experts and visitors, INTERGEO is seen as the ideal specialist forum: the successful combination of trade fair, conference, seminars, forums and special shows facilitates optimum exchange of experiences and flow of information between providers and users.

MENSI & MASSONG CONSULTING, close collaboration: MENSI is a 3D scanner manufacturer but buying a MENSI system is much more than buying a tool: it is a real and close partnership. A real-life example of this close collaboration is the participation of Massong Laserscanning & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG on MENSI's Intergeo' booth. Mr Ulrich Shaefers, MASSONG's authorized representative said "The Intergeo fair, combined with the partnership with MENSI, offered the opportunity to present our services and to get in touch with future clients. The combination of MENSI as a manufacturer and us as a service company proved perfect to give all the interested customers the desired information. We think that our clients will mainly be involved in cultural heritage, site and engineering surveys, traffic projects, etc. We had very interesting talks with several customers. Obviously a lot of providers are prepared to cooperate with partners in order to extend their own services. Our principal aim is to provide our customer with a service of tailor-made solutions for the most demanding tasks. Thanks to the availability of two different laser scanners (GS100 and S25) the jobs can be handled effectively and at a reasonable price".