United States-based Landair Mapping Inc. has completed the purchase of the Leica ALS40 and RC30 airborne sensors from Leica Geosystems' GIS & Mapping Division. With the ALS40, Landair will be able to provide LIDAR data to its customers who require fast and accurate digital terrain models (DTMs).

"As a company that prides itself on delivering prompt, high-quality data to our customers, we rely on having precise and reliable equipment," stated Tom Olive, CEO, Landair Mapping. "With the addition of the Leica ALS40 and RC30, we can complete more types of customer aerial mapping and surveying projects, in a more efficient, up to date and accurate manner." Landair already utilizes an RC10 aerial camera from Leica. The Leica RC30 is the most advanced model in the proven RC line of industry-leading Leica aerial cameras.

"The superb performance the Leica ALS40 and the RC30 goes hand in hand with Landair's expanding mapping and photogrammetry requirements," commented Richard McKay, Vice President of Sales, Leica Geosystems’ GIS & Mapping Division. "It is exciting and gratifying to work with our customers to determine and provide the best technology for their success." ALS40 has the widest field of view (75¿) and highest altitude (6100 m above ground) capability of any LIDAR system available and is the first commercially available LIDAR system whose range and intensity data collection options can be altered mid flight. The maximum pulse rate of the ALS40 has recently been increased to 50 KHz, to provide even closer post spacing in the DTMs.

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