Mobile capabilities enable city workers to access data in the field to improve infrastructure management.

Autodesk Inc. of San Rafael, Calif., announced that the Darebin City Council in Victoria, Australia, is using its GIS (Geographic Information System) software to provide easier access to information and services to city residents and merchants via the Internet. With fast access to data using Autodesk GIS software, council employees are able to more efficiently manage the city’s drainage infrastructure systems saving time and money, resulting in improved service.

The GIS solution was developed for Darebin City Council by Geomatic Technologies, an Autodesk System Center, and went live in Q1 of 2002. The solution uses Autodesk Map for creation and maintenance of map data, Autodesk MapGuide for data access and distribution and Autodesk OnSite View for mobile viewing and editing of data by council employees on a handheld device.

Easy Internet Access
Using a browser, residents now have 24/7 access to a range of useful government services and information including waste/recycling collection, garbage collection details, speed limits, parking information and street cleaning times. In addition, residents are now able to access city maps for finding public facilities such as schools, libraries, halls and recreation areas including information on business hours and services provided. Local businesses benefit as well with real-time access to zoning information for building and development purposes.

In addition to providing residents with online access, council employees are using the system to manage and maintain the city’s drainage infrastructure. Using a centralized spatial database connected to Autodesk MapGuide, city employees are able to view maps from their desktop of the entire drainage system including drainage outlets and fixtures, helping to identify, prevent and manage maintenance problems. Using Autodesk OnSite View, council workers are able to capture data in the field and securely input it into the database helping ensure accurate and useful information.