Solution displays AVL information on mobile computers.

CompassCom Inc., of Centennial, Colo., introduced CompassTrac Mobile, a new software product that displays Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) information on a mobile computer in the field where public safety commanders and fleet managers often need it the most.

CompassTrac Mobile is the latest product in CompassCom’s suite of asset tracking and location based service products. CompassTrac Mobile is an in-vehicle AVL solution that tracks and displays the location and status of vehicles in multiple fleets on a single display.

CompassTrac Mobile can be installed on a laptop computer or other portable display device with a wireless data communication link and mounted in a command vehicle or carried into the field. Emergency response field commanders no longer need to rely on secondhand information from dispatchers because CompassTrac Mobile allows them to monitor vehicles while traveling to an emergency.

Features of CompassTrac Mobile include:

  • 2-way text messaging, which relays text messages between dispatch and mobile units, and
  • Vehicle status messaging, which sends a vehicle status message to a computer-aided dispatch system by request either in specified increments or in real-time.

    CompassTrac Mobile allows any commander or dispatcher to see the fleet on a digital map display, view incident locations and estimate time of arrival.