CARIS announces the release of CARIS HOM AML software for Additional Military Layer (AML) production in the IHO S-57 format.

CARIS HOM AML is the latest addition to the CARIS HOM product suite. The system includes specialized tools to create, edit and manage AML datasets in the internationally recognized and accepted transfer standard for digital hydrographic data - S57.

AML is an initiative under the direction of the Ad Hoc Hydrographic Working Group of the NATO Geographic Conference to develop the next generation of digital products that will deliver non-navigational hydrographic and oceanographic data to military users.

Production of these strategic data layers in S-57 format provides tactically significant information to supplement the digital chart. Further, S-57 AMLs are design with intent for usage in electronic chart display type systems. (e.g. ECS, ECDIS)

CARIS HOM AML (S-57) enables an agency to provide military data, currently published as overlays or overprints to standard charts, as defence-specific products eliminating duplication of this information.

The software supports S-57 AML products including Contour Line Bathymetry; Large Bottom Objects; Environment, Seabed and Beach; Maritime Foundation and Features; Routes, Areas and Limits; and Small Bottom Objects. The software also allows for the seamless integration of new S-57 AML products as they become available.

HOM AML also offers extensive data import tools, validation tools, on-the-fly coordinate transformations to WGS84 datum, wizards to generate the AML products as well as conversion tools from VPF AML to S-57 AML.