PDA mapping software provides mobile workforce access to enterprise data.

IntelliWhere, a division of Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions, announced that IntelliWhere OnDemand, its new mapping software product for personal digital assistants (PDAs), is now shipping worldwide.

IntelliWhere OnDemand is an off-the-shelf, vector-based product that is ideal for any organization with a mobile workforce, particularly in sectors such as government, transportation, utilities, and the military. Working in an occasionally connected mode, field personnel can view and update intelligent maps, diagrams, and asset information from the corporate geographic information system (GIS).

"IntelliWhere OnDemand is designed specifically for the requirements of mobile workers," said Lee Finniear, managing director of IntelliWhere. "Out in the field, the full functionality of a desktop GIS is unnecessary - the top priorities are ease-of-use, stability, and performance. IntelliWhere OnDemand is intuitive and requires minimal training, runs reliably on hand-held devices, and uses highly compact file formats without sacrificing the performance benefits of advanced spatial indexing.

"For enterprises, this new product represents a paradigm shift in GIS workflows. By allowing the mobile workforce easy access to view and update mapping and GIS information in the field, IntelliWhere OnDemand enables critical data capture and quick distribution, enhancing the value of data to the enterprise."

IntelliWhere OnDemand comes with a gateway that allows GeoMedia to be used as a dynamic visual authoring environment to prepare data from the corporate GIS for use in the field. Definitions, symbology, scale dependency, queries and applications specified for maps in GeoMedia retain their intelligence and characteristics when accessed using IntelliWhere OnDemand.

Custom applications such as inspection and installation reports can easily be created to significantly improve workflows. Enterprise-specific data captured and edited in the field can then be uploaded back to the corporate GIS as part of an updated workflow.