2003 GeoTec Event - Call for Papers REMINDER
Theme: A Spirit of Collaboration
Event Dates: March 16-19, 2003
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Just two weeks until the submission deadline of July 15! Submit to: www.GeoTecEvent.com or E-mail: info@GeoTecEvent.com

A call for papers has been issued for the 2003 GeoTec Event. Sponsored by GeoTec Media, publisher of GeoWorld magazine and developer of the World Wide Web portal GeoPlace.com, the event-formerly known as the GIS Conference-is the largest spatial technology event in Canada.

The conference theme, "A Spirit of Collaboration," will build on this year's multidisciplinary content with an overriding theme of cooperation and collaboration among all spatial technology practitioners. The tools for true interoperability are coming into place, and geospatial infrastructure initiatives are realizing amazing progress. The time is ripe to share knowledge and examine the benefits that can be gained once these barriers to collaboration have lifted.

The GeoTec Event is designed to provide a broad vendor-neutral overview of geospatial technology applications. Those interested are encouraged to submit suggestions for papers, sessions, panel discussions and workshops. Submissions should focus on application and implementation within the following conference tracks:

  • Internet GIS-This track will focus on developing Internet-enabled GIS applications. Submissions should include geospatial data delivery, the development of dynamic and interactive maps, distributed computing and customized applications and interfaces.
  • Geospatial Data-Timely access to accurate geospatial data is crucial to any GIS project. Submissions should address data integration, dissemination, development and promotion of standards and best practices.
  • Environment-Submissions should include the use of GIS to track change over time as well as the importance of analyzing potential effects in land-use planning, site characterization, land remediation, ecosystem management and watershed modeling.
  • First Nations-This track will provide an opportunity for indigenous people to share developments, knowledge and information about how they use GIS applications to manage natural resources and community infrastructure.
  • Forestry-Managing forest resources has become increasingly complex as conservation and environmental concerns play an expanding role in decision making. Submissions should cover the use of GIS in landscape study, resource planning and visualization to ensure healthy, productive forests.
  • GIS Education-This track will offer a forum for educators, students and employers to measure curriculum against occupational demand.
  • Utilities/Telecommunication-GIS applications for infrastructure management include construction, communication, transportation and utility industries. Submissions should cover the integration of operations and data as well as the use of GIS by a mobile workforce.
  • Municipal Information Technology-Submissions should cover IT/GIS integration, data collection and maintenance processes, and data distribution as well as the use of data by engineering services, emergency response, and disaster-planning and mitigation efforts.
  • Collaboration Showcase-Time will be set aside daily for a showcase of collaborative projects. Submissions should address multidepartment, enterprise applications that involve multiple levels of government or projects that incorporate practitioners from multiple disciplines. The focus of these presentations should be on implementation issues, sharing the process of working with multiple stakeholders and the lessons learned.

Abstract submissions are due by July 15, 2002. Abstracts should be no more than 250 words in length, and they must include author(s) name, title, affiliation, mailing address, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail address. Submissions should be made via the online abstract submittal form, which is available on the GeoTec Event's Web site http://www.geoplace.com/gt/callforpapers/submitpaper.asp, or via e-mail attachment to info@GeoTecEvent.com.

All presentations should focus on challenges, case studies and application solutions-not on specific products and services. The session program isn't a commercial venue. The exposition is the appropriate forum for marketing products and services.

Abstracts are reviewed by the GeoTec Event's Program Committee on the basis of originality, quality, scope and relevance. Speakers will be notified of the abstract's status by Sept. 15, 2002.

Complete information on the call for papers can be obtained on the GeoTec Event Web site. Questions may be directed to Matt Ball, show manager, GeoTec Media, phone: 303-544-0594, fax: 303-544-0595, e-mail: mball@aip.com.