Nikon Instruments Inc. announced that it has fully upgraded its most popular line of Total Stations with the introduction of the DTM-502 Series. The newly designed DTM-552, DTM-532, and DTM-522 replace the current DTM-501 Series.

The DTM-502 Series allows for a faster, more accurate data collection process and boasts a new, more user-friendly display system; an enhanced onboard software system; a 10,000-point onboard storage capacity (accommodating up to 32 separate jobs); and a new keyboard design.

The DTM-502 Series offers incomparable angle and distance measuring performance and reliability, providing an initial distance measurement of only one-second with 0.5 second updates, with +/-(2 + 2ppm X D)mm accuracy. Coupled with the higher distance resolution and Nikon's renowned optics, these features allow for more effective and accurate work in such situations as:

  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Construction
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Land Surveying

The DTM-502 Series Total Station also boasts:

  • A light weight of 5.5 kg/12.1 lbs. (including battery)
  • A BC-80 clip-on battery providing approximately 10.5 hours of continuous distance/angle measurement
  • A LLV (Low Light Visible) green color, which increases on-site safety and identification of the instrument
  • A compact, high-quality telescope incorporating a powerful and stable EDM.