Safe Software announced that their FME demonstration at the KvAG's (Netherlands Society for Earth Observation and Geo-informatics, 2nd annual GML Relay event was a huge success. The event was used to promote the interoperability of GML data in the TOP10NL vector object model, which is currently being considered by the Dutch Topographic Services as their new standard GIS format. Participants at this event were required to import a GML file, make some changes to it and then write it back to GML and hand it to the next participant.

Safe Software's Dutch Reseller eXQte and Bentley Systems Benelux had teamed up to show off the GML reading and writing capabilities of FME. FME was used to convert a GML file to a MicroStation GeoGraphics V8 project. Then, in MicroStation GeoGraphics V8, attribute and geometry changes were made, and the file was then written back out to GML using FME. Finally, using third party tools (XML Spy and the FME Viewer) the changes made were verified in the resulting GML data file.