The MapViewer thematic mapping package has been upgraded with more than 100 new features and enhancements.

Golden Software Inc. has upgraded its MapViewer thematic mapping package with more than 100 new features and enhancements. Among the new features is the ability to automate MapViewer processes, which allows users to update their maps with new data automatically by calling MapViewer from Golden Software's Scripter program which comes with MapViewer, Visual Basic, Visual C++, or any other OLE Automation compliant language.

MapViewer 5 is now available at a retail price of $249. Upgrades from previous MapViewer versions are only $79.

Introduced in 1990, MapViewer has emerged as a tough competitor in thematic mapping software and is designed for scientists, engineers and business professionals. Users can display their data in one of ten striking fully-customizable map types and easily add graticule lines, legends, or layers. MapViewer is known for its easy-to-use user interface and for creating professional-quality maps.

Two other powerful upgrades to MapViewer 5 are the ability to create 3D pie and bar maps and redefine boundary IDs. MapViewer users can increase the visual impact of their pie and bar maps by adding a 3D aspect to them. Interchanging the IDs associated with objects can be particularly useful when there is a conflict between primary IDs in the boundary and data files. In addition, MapViewer 5 can hyperlink IDs and import georeferenced image files. Users can have all the data they need at the click of a button by hyperlinking an area to launch URLs, images, multimedia files, email, and applications. The ability to import georeferenced image files saves time by eliminating the need to go through tedious bitmap calibration routines.

MapViewer 5 is fully compatible with other software. It imports and exports data files in all popular formats, and its functionality can be integrated with any ActiveX Automation-compatible software. Visual Basic, C++ and Perl scripts can be used to call MapViewer to automate repetitive functions. Visit to download a MapViewer demo and place an order.