Arizona increases number of Vulcans in its Law Enforcement arsenal from 5 to 13.

The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) recently purchased 8 Vulcan crime scene mapping systems, in addition to the original 5 units purchased several months ago. The Arizona GOHS has distributed these systems to various police departments and highway safety units throughout the state.

The Vulcan systems will be used to map and diagram accident and crime scenes. Using Vulcan, police departments can map the accident scene and critical evidence including skid marks, crush damage, and bullet holes. This information can then be turned into a CAD drawing and subsequently into a digital 3D model. The digital recreation of the accident scene can later be used as evidence in criminal cases.

Vulcan requires only one person to operate, is faster, more accurate, and generally safer for use in highway conditions. Vulcan’s ease of use and strong value proposition distinguish it from traditional data collection tools such as the total station and GPS surveying equipment.