UCLID announces the latest release of IcoMap for ArcGIS has been fine-tuned for GIS professionals who work with scanned maps. IcoMap, a parcel-mapping extension for ArcGIS, provides ten-key COGO, patented Text-to-Vector technology and feature editing tools for updates to the parcel layer. New features in IcoMap for ArcGIS 2.0 include productivity tools, several image-handling features and filters for faster image recognition. The combination of new tools and features makes for a decidedly more efficient workflow, especially when scanned maps are the source document. More information can be found online http://www.uclid.com

IcoMap's Text-to-Vector technology converts scanned documents into ArcGIS features. IcoMap "reads" the survey text and draws COGO-accurate linework. Text-to-Vector makes it much easier to convert scanned legal descriptions, deeds and maps. Users have experienced 84% productivity gains on average - some completing 10 times as many parcels in a week.

IcoMap now offers the ability to switch between windows - making it much easier to convert scans with curve tables. Users can rotate scans and use more zooming features. These image-handling tools make it more efficient to work with scans in IcoMap.

Because there are various ways to write a bearing, UCLID has added OCR filters for handling some of the less common styles. Users can modify the filters to improve recognition rates for their documents' typical style. And new tooltips provide a quick visual reference to verify recognized text.

The IcoMap for ArcGIS product is an extension for ArcMap so users of ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo are able to use it. IcoMap has received numerous awards, and even claimed the 2001 National New Product Award from the National Society of Professional Engineers.