Avatech leverages existing infrastructures, relationships and expertise with Fortune 1000 customers to benefit post-secondary educational clients.

Avatech Solutions has been authorized by Autodesk as an Authorized Educational Reseller (AER) to sell products and services to post-secondary educational institutions and students in 48 US states, previously authorized to sell in only 5 states. This new business opportunity leverages existing resources and best practices in the commercial space with top Fortune 1000 customers and enables Avatech to tap into the huge American educational market segment including colleges, universities and career schools. The initiative fulfills a key mandate of Avatech's to help further technology education in the US.

Avatech offers a unique multi-disciplined team approach to help institutions implement the latest design automation technology in their classrooms created to keep students and institutions on the leading edge. Avatech will help students and companies come together through the endorsement of programs and services such as internships, co-op programs and identifying employment needs among its commercial clients.

John Olson, an educator for 21 years, is the newly appointed National Education Program Manager for Avatech Solutions and brings 20 years of experience in working with institutions to implement design solutions. Stated Olson, "We are hoping to expand our reach by providing the educator with more robust tools that will enable students to learn the design process, from the ground floor up. With the help of our team of experts skilled in a variety of disciplines, students will come away with the basics of design that they can apply to the field they want to specialize in architecture, mechanical or civil engineering, GIS, or construction using industry-standard Autodesk products to accomplish that."

Avatech will also host an ongoing series of guest presentations by Avatech experts and customers, designed to promote the professional field of engineering and provide more insight into the possibilities available by using the latest digital design software.