The Open GIS Consortium Inc. announced a new resource to link those interested in working on interoperability issues with those who need personnel to do so. The OGC Internship Project ( provides an electronic bulletin board where students can post their areas of interest and organizations can post their needs. The ultimate goal is to match up these two groups to help move interoperability in the geospatial domain forward.

The Project will make it easier for students seeking a professional career in the geospatial industry to find internship opportunities where skills may be gained and developed by tackling geospatial interoperability topics. At the same time institutions and companies who want to grow interoperable geospatial applications within their organizations will find it easier to locate qualified interns with specific interests and backgrounds.

Prospective interns will fill out an online form with information about interests, skills, availability, and contact information. Institutions and companies seeking interns will submit information describing open positions and the skills required. Once a student submits his or her information, they will gain access to search the available open positions. When an institution/company submits details of an internship vacancy, it is granted access to the intern candidate database.

Robert Corell, Senior Fellow, at the Atmospheric Policy Program of the American Meteorological Society, Senior Research Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a member of the OGC Board of Directors describes the new program as an exciting development and an important investment for the OGC. "This program is an effective way to invest in our future. The Interoperability Internship Project will nurture the next generation of professionals with substantive knowledge and bring outstanding young scientific and technical talent to the members of OGC."

OGC member organization may participate in the Internship Project at no charge. Non-members are charged a processing fee. There is no charge for students to post their information and search through open positions.