SiteComp, Inc. released SiteComp Civil/Survey Version 4.0. This is the company's second major upgrade to its Civil/Survey product in less than a year.

SiteComp Civil/Survey imports and exports all AutoCad formats including 2004 as well as all other industry file formats. Further Version 4.0 enhancements include:

  • Transferring files both in and out of SiteComp in LandXML.
  • Establishing total point number control without losing or overwriting data.
  • Full support for latitude and longitude, state plane, UTM and virtually all other coordinate systems.
  • Dynamic viewing capability for instant and flexible panning and zooming.
  • Importing text point files into existing files and adding flexibility for handling duplicate points.

SiteComp focuses on continued product improvement based on customer input without changing formats or forcing costly upgrades and retraining. Founded in 1978, SiteComp has a strong history of building software solutions for the civil engineering and surveying industries.

Source: SiteComp, May 20, 2004