Sanborn released a CAD-based version of CitySets, a digital data set of central business districts and select commercial areas available for 27 major U.S. cities. Data contained in the CitySets product include geographic information that meets 1"=100' National Map Accuracy Standards, including building footprints with building-specific attributes such as addresses, street centerlines and names; select geographic features and landmarks; and links to site-specific photographs. CitySets also features 3-D building solids and 3-D terrain surfaces, which, when combined, enable CitySets to be CAD-operational; digital, seamless, full-resolution Sanborn fire insurance maps, which provide a variety of building-level data such as construction class and occupancy type; and seamless, color-balanced, digital orthophoto imagery at one-half-foot pixel resolution. CitySets can be delivered in an ESRI Shape file format, and in new formats including DWG R12 through 2004, DXF, DGN and 3DS. (Sanborn, Colorado Springs, Colo.)